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Join in!

Get Involved, make a difference, join the worldwide movement to make each town Carbon neutral. Its easy, every little change counts. You are important, your home is important, every business is crucial in turning the tide on climate change. We are here to help. Have a look and see what you can do for your front room and beyond.............

Sign up to GIKI

Click on the GIKI home page button, sign up and follow the instructions, simple. It is the best toolkit online to find out where you are in the big scheme of things, to track your carbon output, all for free. There are so many ideas to make a difference around your home or business that even a hippie on a raw food diet, living in a bell tent down Luxulyan would find ideas to cut carbon. Give it click, you might even save some cash in the meantime.

Commit to 10 Pledges

Setting a contract and committing to change is one of the ways of getting over the hurdle of adapting to the climate crisis and helping to mitigate it as a collective. Try the 10 pledges! we have given you the link below, click and make a positive start on your journey to be a net carbon zero hero. Pass it on.


The more people involved in Climate Action St Austell means more can be done! Volunteer and come on board we need help with IT skills, social media updates, helping to get some of our projects up and running or creating new projects. If you have a specialist subject that you think can be shared please let us know! If you are under the age of 18 we would welcome your help but of course would need a letter from your guardian! 

 Use your wallet wisely

Have a look at the Proper Job page. There are plenty of places that your money is well spent or even saved. From repair and secondhand shops to electric taxis and local greengrocers. St Austell has it all. We understand that some eco products cost loads of money, sometimes its hard enough buying a weeks food shop, but there are other ways to do your bit for the planet and make savings. If you have the money, no excuses! Companies try to sell us new stuff all the time, usually plastic stuff we dont need, just say no, save money, take back control! Spend it on a Fairtrade chocolate bar and take a walk down Carlyon Bay for a rest instead of shopping!

Join in with local events

St Austell has many dedicated volunteers and groups of people out there doing stuff. Check out our Facebook page where we post events by us or other groups, working hard to look after what we have and improve life for everyone. Try beach clean ups, tree planting, allotment parties, repair cafe's, talks and trainings and even some campaigning. Get out and about do something good with the people of St Austell. Imagine you've just finished a beach clean down Par, sun is going down, its still warm and you're sipping a cool pint of the world's best Ale at the foothills of the Cornish Alps with your new found mates. GEDDON!!


If your loaded, got a bit of cash to donate, or just bleddy ansome. Follow the link below. We are working on becoming a charity and getting the boring paperwork done, but until then we have an account that can help pay for small things, like helping the repair cafe get off the ground or helping a village hall get solar panels. Its not just money though, its also time, useful items, like cameras, computers, projectors or sometimes advice. we welcome every little bit. If you would like to donate financially, please follow the link below, or contact us if you wish to know more, we value transparency.

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