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Future Proofing St Austell

Everything is about community and each other, thats why we're here....

We would like to help St Austell and ultimately the planet, to reduce Carbon output and transition to an environmentally friendly and secure place to live. Not just for us, but for generations to come. We are all in this together, from St Ewe to Kathmandu. Switch on, Click on, Geddon. Tis easy to make a difference.

Welcome to Climate Action St Austell!

Yes! You do matter, this page shows you how the small things you do at home make a mahoosive difference globally. Yep that means you too!


Wasson my ansome! Click here to see a list of the projects we are working on. Some dreckly and some ready to go like hot pasty from St Blazey.

Geddon my bird! Click here to activate your inner climate hero, find out how easy it is to get involved. Giving St Austell the attention it deserves!


Proper job my luver! Click here to see what services and resources St Austell has. Some people round here have been on it like a Meva seagull on chips.

This is website is not intended to be complete, we hope to be adding your business to our Proper Job page, we want everyone on it, contact us for information. Feel free to share this website, all of our statistics and quotes are from IPCC and local council. Join us on Facebook for discussions, events and news, also check out our new YouTube page for documentaries and talks. If you see something that you would like to get involved with or find out more about, please do not hesitate to contact us, including any mistakes, ideas or praise! Right on my 'ansomes!

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