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More than 60% of UK journeys are by car. More than 75% of the goods we consume travel across the UK in vans and trucks. The road to Zero has already started. In 2040 you will no longer be able to sell petrol or diesel cars and 2050 there will no more carbon emmitting vehicles. In cornwall 22% of all carbon output in the county is road transport. 

Green Transport Directory


Trips of less than 10 miles account for 40% of the United Kingdom’s domestic transport Carbon emissions, with trips in the 2 to 5 mile category contributing 40% of these emissions and the private car remains the mode of choice. This means that a huge amount of CO2 emissions can be saved if we find better ways to travel the short distances. Europe is filled with E-bikes and E-scooters, they are already filling the gap of the short distance transport problem. This is killing two pasties with one bite, get fit and reduce emissions. Walk to the shop, ride a bike to work, scooter to school, take the bus, share your car.

Pasty Connection Car Share

Address: Cornish community car share app

Phone: see website

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Pentewan Valley Cycle Hire

Address: 1 West End, Pentewan, PL26 6BX
Phone: 01726 844242

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Beryl Bike Hire

Address: Pick up around St Austell, see website

Phone: 020 3003 5044

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C&C Taxis

Address: Wyncarn, St Austell PL25 3TB

Phone:01726 63538

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Cranked Bikes

Address: Victoria Business Park, St. Austell, PL26 8LX

Phone: 01726 61636

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Address: Zap Map

Phone: see website

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