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Commercial, industrial and council businesses and buildings are very much on the frontline of the battle to reduce Carbon, we have some heros on our doorstep. Some achieving Carbon neutral status now and others working towards the Cornish 2030 deadline. Every little step towards Carbon neutrality will make businesses stronger and future proof our planet for generations to come.

Eco Services Directory


Energy for heating, air con, electric makes up 73% of all emissions from human activity. Switching your business to renewables and getting Carbon neutral can be tricky in a crisis but the more people that do it the cheaper it will get and the more safe our planet will be. Switching to better bank accounts and pensions that don't fund fossil fuel companies, turning off unnecessary lights, heating, getting efficient appliances when the old ones run out, serving plant based foods in the canteens are all ways that some of the forward thinking businesses are trying to contribute to a better world

St Austell Printing Company

Address: St. Austell Business Park, PL25 4FD

Phone: 01726 624900

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Nationwide Print

Address: Cornwall Plant, Holmbush, St Austell PL25 3JL

Phone: 01726 72548

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Eco Dragon Plumbing

Address: 57 Currian Road, PL26 7YD

Phone: 01726 824 454 07756 532 873

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St Austell Carpet Care and Sanitation


Phone: 01726 76704 07807 755281

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One Wind Renewables

Address: Unit 11, St Austell Business Park, Carclaze PL25 4FD

Phone: 0117 251 0046

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Best Energy

Address: Southview House, St Austell Enterprise Park, PL25 4EJ

Phone: 1726 871 040

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Address: Carluddon Technology Park, PL26 8 WE

Phone: 07507 777 238

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Sustainable Furniture UK

Address: Hewaswater House, Hewaswater, PL26 7JF

Phone: 01726 884123

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