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St Austell is taking us on a journey and each of us have a part to play in its direction. Nothing is insignificant, from a beach clean, choosing oat milk over dairy, turning off your lights, to writing a letter to your council representative, it all counts. Pick something, get support and do it, start somewhere, enjoy a new path!

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Contact us, get on our newsletter, surf our facebook page and find out what you can do to help with CASA or we can put you in touch with other climate and community groups to get involved with. Contribute to Three bays wildlife, do a beach clean with Surfers Against Sewage, help out with new community energy projects, get growing with edible St Austell, there are many projects out there ready to support and help. Sign up to our monthly newsletter by sending us your email address and full consent for us to put you on our mailing list, its an easy way to find out what's happening!                                      

Get Involved in your community

Get political!

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To make changes sometimes we have to get political. It is with the Council and government that some changes need to happen. St Austell town Council are open to new ideas but they need to hear them. As a group we can make a difference. Sometimes we even protest just to be heard, to stand up for the health of our rivers, seas or for better policies, or housing in Cornwall.

Make personal change

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Use your wallet as your weapon

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Whilst we are still inside this current system of financial profit and gain, it is vitally important to use what we have to purchase a better world. Firstly ask yourself do you need it? can you borrow it? get it secondhand? repair it? Secondly, where does it come from? what's it made of? Is it recyclable? Thirdly, can i make it? can i grow it? can i share and exchange with others? be sure to change your bank account, pension, insurance company, learn about what your money does and where it goes, keep it with people that don't invest in fossil fuel industry or slavery. Try for a new bank account or check for the latest information.

Have fun, enjoy what you are trying to save!

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It is well know that for us to care about nature we need to understand it, have a relationship with it and only then will we love it and be passionate enough to care for it. If we want others to care too we need to show them what its about. Get out, go surfing, go rockpooling, take walks on the sky trails, cycle to work, climb a tree, picnic on the beach, join cornwall wildlife trust in citizen science projects or sit down Polkerris and enjoy the sunset. The first step in getting people on board is showing them what things could be like, get out and inspire!

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