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Our Projects

Our projects are just starting, exciting times! Below is what we are working on right now. There will always be reviews, additions and some ticking off the list. Keep coming back to see what's new. If you have a project you would like to see happen, or you think you could contribute to an existing project please contact us and let us know! 


Promoting GIKI

We are working with GIKI to give everyone in St Austell access to an easy, informative tool to reduce Carbon output. GIKI looks at what you are doing right now and then gives you simple and free ideas to reduce your households carbon output. It looks at everything from planting vegetables, using public transport and simple ways to reduce electric and gas. Saving money, saving carbon, doing your bit. The ideas will knock you off your chair and help you get stuck into being Carbon Zero. To sign up and do your bit click the button below




Local Connection

St Austell is a huge resource of people, businesses, charities and social enterprises, all designed to be of assistance. Sometimes we just don't know what's already out there. We like to help by continuing, improving and updating our local resource database. If you are looking for a better eco service please check our Proper Job page. If you feel yours or a friends business or organisation should be included, please let us know. Let's put St Austell on the map together, you know we all know someone and where to get the best local service.




More people are getting on board with renewable energy and ditching fossil fuels. E-cars and charging points are becoming more accessible, E-bikes and scooters are gaining traction. We are currently in talks with Co Cars to get rentable E-Cars in St Austell. For one thing, you could rent it for an hour just to see how it drives, but most importantly it allows for car sharing, fewer vehicles, less carbon, win win. Initially we would like to see the cars having a base at the Station, but ideally one in every village would be the ultimate answer! Click the link to find out more.



Repair Cafe

Whilst there are many repair shops and services in town, its always amazing to get together with others and meet up. A repair cafe is a hub for people wanting to repair, teach and even learn a new skill, all whilst saving the planet one dead toaster at a time. Maybe you have spare parts that someone else needs or a bike that needs repainting, maybe you just want to have a look around, all are welcome. We are looking to set this up in the near future so watch this space. If you have desires to be involved, please contact us here or on our facebook page.




Information Hub

Sometimes you just want to know stuff. We would like to help. Our very dedicated volunteer group come from all backgrounds  and have insights into grants available for environmental projects, how to get solar panels for your village hall or maybe you want know more about local beach clean ups, planting trees, or you have a passion for your local area and just want some help. Climate Action St Austell and this website is just the start. We would ultimately like our own place where we can all get together, but step by step!




Nature Advocacy

There are some beautiful places in St Austell, but sometimes we see that profit comes before our land and unsustainable projects damage the environment. Sometimes we need to take a stand for what is beautiful and important for future generations to come. We will be posting local petitions, helping to pressure local politicians and may even lie down in front of a bulldozer if that is what it takes. See our Facebook page for updates on what is happening and feel free to voice your concerns! Standing up for St Austell won't just get you fit, it will keep us all running on a healthier track.


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