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Our Aims and Objectives

Apart from being an enthusiastic group of volunteers, we are also at the beginning of what is an 'Unincorporated Organisation' with small funding by the Town Council and other private donors.

Our mission statement goes like this:  Assisting St Austell to achieve net zero emissions footprints, a better waste footprint, encourage biodiversity, support nature and to be a link to other organisations. We want to help St Austell achieve its environmental targets together, as a community.


These are the aims behind it all:

  1. Reduce emissions from use of fossil fuels, whether from activity within St Austell or by the goods and services we import from outside Cornwall and the UK.

  2. Increase the capacity of St Austell to absorb carbon, generate renewable energy and deal with waste and harmful pollutants.

  3. Help communities, organisations, businesses and landowners respond to the climate crisis and growing waste problem.

To achieve our aims we have objectives:

  1. To work with St Austell Town Council and Cornwall Council on the emergency climate action plans.

  2. To work in partnership with businesses, organisations and landowners to help them achieve a zero emissions footprint for themselves, customers and local areas.

  3. Work in partnership with communities and villages to promote low Carbon living and effective waste removal.

  4. Campaign for changes in national law, policy and regulations that reduce Carbon emissions and reduce waste levels.

Our Common Values and Privacy Statement

The Values we hold together as Climate Action St Austell and as locals here in the St Austell area:

  1. Everyone has a voice, is treated with respect, is fully inclusive, an expectation in others to do the same.

  2. CASA cares deeply for the future of St Austell and the people and animals who live here.

  3. Environmental and social justice for all living beings, since we all need to work together.

  4. To move the community from climate concern to committed action.

  5. Any contacts we collect from the public will be kept private and used only by consent for contact via our newsletter or any events we make public via our mailing list. No details passed on to any other party.


Please contact or message us on our facebook site 

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