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Our Local Resource Directory

Our planet needs a little Cornish love and attention. The good news is we don't have to cross the Tamar to make a difference. Some solutions are right on our doorstep. Have a gander at the ever growing list of businesses and groups that are giving us the opportunity to turn a healthier shade of green.

Click on any of the sections below to take you directly to what your looking for or just wander around, you will find things you never knew St Austell had!


The joy of mending is a fashion that's trending and St Austell has it all. Don't get suckered into buying new, repair, share and teach, we are fixing to open a Repair cafe.


Long live the fashion freaks, independant souls and those who know what their money is worth, go eco, buy secondhand. Best bargains from the high street and internet.


YES! from electric Taxis to ride share schemes and rented electric vehicle dreams. Or simply get on your bike and become the greenest and cleanest.


You are what you eat. Some people are really making a difference to your lunch, insist on less plastic and more plant based foods to make a difference


Need a service? We have some really eco minded plumbers, cleaners and world class printers!


So many local people doing great work. They can all help and be there for you and with you, join in!


Changing energy companies, switching banks accounts, how can our big green UK friends help?


Already adapted? A local climate hero? Have a big idea? Want to learn more?

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Please contact us if you think yours or another's business/group should be included, let us know what steps you/they are taking to become greener and cleaner, or ask us how we can help you join the proper job list in St Austell. Join the revolution and become the solution! We can't wait til everyone is on here!

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